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T’Basix - The Ultimate Makeup Artist Essential Set

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Introducing the Tobaglo Cosmetics T’Basix, your new must-have for maintaining hygiene and promoting organization in your professional makeup regime. This comprehensive set has been designed to meet the needs of the most discerning makeup artists, delivering premium quality, convenience, and efficiency all in one package.

Our T’Basix set is comprised of 100 carefully curated pieces. These include:

- **Disposable Mascara Wands:** Perfect for ensuring a fresh application every time, these wands help prevent the build-up of bacteria, promoting the health of your clients' lashes. They are designed to offer smooth and even mascara application, allowing you to create flawless, voluminous lashes for every client.

- **Disposable Lipstick Wands:** Allow precision application of lip color while maintaining the highest hygiene standards. Each wand is specifically designed to mimic the control of a traditional lipstick bullet, but with the added benefit of being single-use.

- **Disposable Spatulas:** Ideal for mixing and applying various products without cross-contamination. Their flexible, yet sturdy construction makes them perfect for scooping out the precise amount of product you need.

- **Disposable Cutips:** A versatile tool for every makeup artist, perfect for touch-ups, smudging, and fine-tuning your makeup creations. Their single-use nature ensures a clean tool for every necessary adjustment.

With the Tobaglo Cosmetics T’Basix set, you can worry less about cleanup and more about creating stunning makeup looks. It’s an essential collection that brings you one step closer to perfect makeup artistry, while ensuring your kit remains clean, organized, and professional.