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Tobaglo Estate: Contour, Blush and Highlight Palette

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Melanin Count

Take your makeup game to a completely different level with this contour, blush and highlight palette. The versatile features of the palette provide great pigmentation owing to its exceptional formula. The finely granulated and pressed powder is smooth and lightweight.


Contour: Apply Contour to your jawline, cheekbones, nose and apple of the cheeks and forehead for an ultimate sculpted look.


Blush: Blush up your cheek apples for an adoring pop of color and complete the look.


Highlighter: Add a dot of highlighter at the eye corners to make the eyes look wide awake and a touch highlight on the cupid’s bow for fuller lips. To add the finishing touches to your makeup, highlight the top of your cheekbones for an optimum sculpted look.


Your melanin matters to us! This ALL IN ONE PALETTE comes in two melanin percentages. The 75% for our deeply melanated queens and the 50% for our light to medium savory melanated sistas.


Expertly coordinated matte contour, matte blush, and highlighter shades


Ultra fine pigments blend flawlessly and seamlessly