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Bark Brows

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Introducing our long lasting, dual-ended Bark Brow eyebrow pencil available in three shades Mauby, Morenga and Mahogany. Inspired by three commonly known and widely used tree barks in the Isle of Trinidad and Tobago. 

You can achieve the perfect brow shape with our Bark Brow as it features the following:

1. easy twist;

2. contouring tip for both thin and thick strokes;

3. spooled brush tip to shape your brow hairs and feather out any harsh lines;

4. easy glide formula;

5. long wearing;

6. smudge proof;

Our Bark Brow is the perfect tool for a natural brow finish or a more defined brow finish.

Our ultra-define Bark Brow pencil is also paraben-free making it user friendly to those with sensitive skin or prone to harmful/ irritating chemicals and 100% cruelty-free

How to use:

Taking the flat side of the pencil, fill in the head of the brow after which using the pointed tip create short hair like strokes to define the arch and tail. Comb your brow hairs into place using the spoolie.

 How to choose the Bark Brow for you:

Mauby – A sable brown best suited for light to medium brows

Morenga – A chocolate brown best suited for medium to dark brows

Mahogany – A rich deep brown best suited for dark to deep brows